Kính lọc chuẩn 666F7W-323

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Didymium glass filter F7W (302 – 875 nm) for checking wavelength accuracy

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The didymium glass filter 666-F7W is made from material specially manufactured by Schott AG. Like holmium glass, didymium glass has a variety of characteristic peaks in the ultraviolet and visible range and is typically used for checking wavelength accuracy. Its peaks are not as narrow as those of holmium glass filters. The filter’s absorbance behavior in the ultraviolet range (270 – 342 nm) also makes it suitable as an absorbance filter for checking photometric accuracy (see 666-F7A, Didymium glass filter).

Typical spectrum of a Didymium glass filters, measured with a slit width of 1 nm.
ARTICLE-NO. 666F7W-323 oder 666F7-323   
APPLICATION Checking the wavelength accuracy in the UV and Vis range
CONTENT Didymium glass with metal frame
STANDARD CERTIFICATION Wavelengths: 329, 472, 512, 681, 875 nm
Slit width: 1 nm; with DAkkS calibration certificate
POSSIBLE CERTIFICATION Wavelengths: 302, 329, 430, 472, 482, 512, 681, 875 nm
Slit width: all up to 2 nm
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